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Advanced Casino Solutions Announces Major Upgrade to the Precision Insights & Engagement Platform

Las Vegas , July 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Advanced Casino Solutions (ACS), a leader in targeted marketing and player engagement solutions for the gaming industry, proudly announces a significant upgrade to its cutting-edge product, the Precision Insights & Engagement (PIE) platform. This enhancement further refines the capabilities of PIE, providing even more detailed insights into visitor behavior and setting a new industry standard for data-driven marketing.

The upgraded PIE platform now enables casino marketing executives to delve deeper into their visitor data, the only solution offering actual counts of visitors and comprehensive demographic profiles, not only for their own properties but also for competitors. The platform features interactive graphs that dynamically update to focus on specific visitor attributes such as gender, age, or activity level.

“Through the latest enhancements to PIE, we are empowering casinos to target and engage their audience with even greater precision,” said Scott Stokes , Founder and Chief Decision Maker of ACS. “This upgrade makes PIE an essential tool for any casino aiming to optimize its marketing strategies and outmaneuver competition.”

Ryan Frohberg , Chief Marketing Officer at Casino del Sol and a user of the platform, shared, “The upgrades to PIE have revolutionized our marketing capabilities, allowing us to act on insights with agility and effectiveness that were previously unattainable. The partnership we have with ACS has led to immense growth at our casino .”

Designed for casino and hospitality executives alike, PIE’s enhancements facilitate deeper engagement through a variety of marketing channels including digital, email, direct mail, and phone calls. This makes PIE a versatile tool for enhancing guest experiences and increasing engagement across all touchpoints.

With the latest enhancements, the Precision Insights & Engagement (PIE) platform is set to redefine how casinos understand and engage with their clientele. By providing deeper insights and more granular data, this upgrade enables casino executives to strategically target and engage players, ultimately allowing them to grab a larger slice of the casino revenue pie..

About Advanced Casino  Solutions (ACS)

Advanced Casino Solutions is the premier provider of targeted marketing and player engagement solutions in the gaming industry. Known for innovative products like Precision Insights & Engagement™ (PIE), HostXP™, and Player AI™, ACS combines the expertise of world-class technologists and casino industry veterans to deliver solutions that drive success. Our mission, “Igniting Success, Powered by Innovation,” underscores our commitment to developing advanced solutions that empower our partners and enhance casino performance worldwide.

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For more information about the upgraded Precision Insights & Engagement platform or Advanced Casino Solutions, please contact Tyler Bain , Chief Operating Officer, at .

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