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Food outlet writes ‘ugly sweater’ on customer’s takeaway ticket

New Delhi:  Daniel, 22, who resides in Phoenix, Arizona, received a blunt remark from a food outlet after he bought 30 nuggets and fries. He received a takeaway ticket where it was written in bold, ‘ugly sweater’.

Finding the whole thing awkward, Daniel posted a picture on Twitter with an image of the receipt and his middle finger in the air with a caption that read: “It was not my pleasure to eat Chic Fil A today!”

The hilarious post garnered 1,48,600 likes and 16,600 retweets.

After the post went viral, Daniel said in a later update, “I’m not mad but I am sad and I will take reparations in free chicken sandwiches.”

In another post, Daniel also put up a few lingering questions: “1. I had a drink already 2. I shared the nugs with my gf 3. I didn’t ask them to say that 4. It’s not a receipt, it’s a takeout ticket they use to identify the customer, it was given to me by accident 5. StReAmmY MuSiC.”

A Twitter user wrote, “Okay I used to do this kind of stuff when I worked at IHOP when I’d forget to take their name and I had no idea it printed on receipts until a big scary guy looked at me weird for labelling him ‘smoopsie’.”

“How was their identifying remark ‘ugly sweater’ and not ‘bullring’ like I feel one’s a lot more noticeable than the other if you’re trying to distinguish a specific guest,” added another.

“If they put ‘cute sweater’ that would be a lie and lying is a sin,” wrote another user.