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Koddi is a provider of adtech optimization and media management software and services, powering advertising programs that drive measurable revenue growth to the best brands in the world.

Koddi Releases Insights Dashboard to Empower Commerce Media Networks To Accelerate Growth

Powerful tool unlocks insights to identify opportunities that accelerate growth across large-scale commerce media programs

CANNES, France , June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Koddi , the leading retail and commerce media technology for enterprises, announces today its powerful Network Insights Dashboard, the first in a series of launches designed to give commerce media networks more insight into the overall performance of their ad businesses, making it easy to identify trends and opportunities for growth. Beginning today, the dashboard is available to select networks and will be generally available next month.

The industry traditionally lags in tools specifically designed to empower networks to deeply and efficiently analyze their performance and opportunities. Retailers often rely on multiple third parties to manage their commerce media operations, leading to fragmentation, less control and limited visibility. Koddi empowers retailers to unify and gain more control over their commerce media programs. By making the Network Insights Dashboard available, customers gain access to an expert-quality tool in an easy-to-navigate dashboard to quickly analyze performance by region, placement, ad format and inventory type to better inform strategy and take action.

“Retail Media Networks want more visibility into how their programs are performing,” said Trevor Narayan , head of product at Koddi. “This tool is part of our longer-term commitment to give them the visibility, insight and control needed to deliver exceptional returns for advertisers while operating highly profitable and growing commerce media businesses. It’s specifically designed for sophisticated operators at the largest commerce media programs, and is already proving effective at billion-dollar scale. Expect to see many more launches in this area in the coming months.”

Koddi powers multiple of the top ten retailer-owned networks. On average, retail and commerce media networks leveraging Koddi’s enterprise platform to run their media business see growth in average daily spend, click-through rates and conversion rates for advertisers. New features like the Network Insights Dashboard give retailers a clearer understanding of their program’s performance, creating new opportunities to unlock growth together.

Koddi supplies technologies that enable retailers, marketplaces, online travel agencies and more to realize the $100+ billion commerce media opportunity. Its robust suite of products and solutions is designed to build, customize and power large-scale retail and commerce media programs. By empowering retailers to control and unify their retail media network tech stack, Koddi unlocks seamless integration of in-store and online channels for more cohesive experiences.

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About Koddi:

Koddi is the leading retail and commerce media technology for enterprises. Leveraging AI and first-party data, Koddi builds retail and commerce media networks for the biggest companies in the world, including, Fanatics and With more than a decade of experience and powering billions of media spend, the company is leading the fast-growing rise of commerce and retail media. Koddi supplies technologies that empower retailers, marketplaces, online travel agencies and more to realize the $100 billion commerce media opportunity. For more information, please visit .

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