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Raelian Movement Begins ‘Embassy For Extraterrestrials’ Project

Activists Wants UN To Hold International Convention To Discuss Protocol For Aliens

Las Vegas: The Raelian Movement recently wrote to Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, asking him to consider holding an international convention to discuss a new protocol to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, provisionally titled, “Optional Protocol Concerning Embassies for Extraterrestrials.”

The purpose of this optional protocol is to extend the provisions of the Vienna Convention to Embassies for extraterrestrials, but with appropriate additional safeguards and procedures.

“The response to our letter was appreciative, but explained that the United Nations is not able to act without the support of the member states, and recommended that we sent our proposal to all ambassadors of member states, which we did a short while ago,” said Daniel Turcotte, Rael’s assistant for the ET Embassy Project.

Turcotte pointed out that this year was particularly fertile in announcements made by government officials concerning the existence of UFOs.

“The most spectacular one being made by the US Navy when they released videos—until then, kept secret by the US government—confirming without a doubt that UFOs exist and are ‘the real deal’,” added Turcotte. Also, in the beginning of 2020, the U.K.’s Ministry of Defence announced that it would publish secret UFO reports for the first time this year.

More recently, a new international effort to come out of China, called, ‘The Five Continents International Forum,’ was attempting to bring the UFO issue to the UN.

‘There will be more and more pressure towards the UN and Governments to disclose top-secret documents about the UFO and Extraterrestrial phenomenon. People have the right and are ready to know,’ Turcotte added.

Raelians are delighted with these actions since each and every gesture aiming at making the general public aware of the existence of UFOs—and therefore of extraterrestrials—is important as far as welcoming them. Even if Raelians are more interested in the civilization involved as opposed to the actual spacecrafts, which are just vehicles.

Turcotte explained that the country that will grant the piece of land, the necessary extraterritoriality, and the authorization for the ET Embassy to be built within its territory will not only benefit financially, but will also become the spiritual and scientific centre of the planet for millennia to come, and happiness will prevail within its borders.

‘This one-of-a-kind project will bring in millions of tourists and billions of dollars in revenue each year to the country that will be selected to be the host,’ Turcotte said.

Until this project becomes reality, we need to raise awareness about the building of an Embassy to welcome an extraterrestrial civilization to Earth.

The Raelian Movement worldwide will hold online events and campaigns on April 4th, the day that founder and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, Rael, declared, ‘ET Embassy Day!’

‘The conditions for the general population to accept the idea of an official welcome are met, but violence on our planet is still so high that we need the wisdom of those who created us and who want to meet us again more than ever,’ Turcotte concluded.

Raelians believe that an extraterrestrial civilization, referred to as ‘Elohim’ in the original Hebrew Bible, created all life on Earth including human beings, and they believe it is a very peaceful and far more advanced civilization compared to ours, both scientifically and philosophically. They also believe that religious leaders of all faiths were sent by this civilization to earth.

About the Raelian Movement

The Raelian Movement is the world’s largest non-profit atheist organization that explains how life on earth was created through the synthesis of DNA by an extraterrestrial civilization known in the original Bible as Elohim. It brings together approximately 100,000 members from more than a 120 countries who actively publicize the message these extraterrestrial scientists gave to Rael, with the goal of building an embassy to welcome them officially and propagate their values of peace and non-violence. Aliens purposely misinformed early humanity that they were angels, cherubim, or gods

The Raelian Movement is making waves through its nonconformist and politically incorrect philosophy. The Raëlian movement was founded in 1974 by Claude Vorilhon (b. 1946), now known as Raël.