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reVolver Podcasts Presents Non-Beta Alpha: Real Insights, Unfiltered Truth

Cutting-Edge Podcast Hosted by Ryan Morfin Joins reVolver Podcasts Network to Deliver Unbiased Business, News, and Technology Insights

DALLAS , July 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — reVolver Podcasts proudly announces the latest addition to its lineup, the Non-Beta Alpha podcast, hosted by exited entrepreneur and finance expert, Ryan Morfin . This thought-provoking podcast is dedicated to providing listeners with real economic insights and a view into the future by studying emerging trends in technology. We are creating this content to help our listener bypass the noise and conflicts of interest in today’s mainstream media, to allow them to weigh and consider the realities they are facing.

In today’s geopolitical environment, we face systemic risks not seen in the early twentieth century. Listeners will be able to take advantage of future opportunities that they learn about through our content. We bring ground truth to our listeners from people who are building companies that will define tomorrow. We share the perspectives that CEOs face when allocating capital and making decisions on how to define their future opportunity set.

By understanding the unfiltered perspectives of business leaders, our show helps our listeners read between the lines, and identify which technologies are crucial. Non-Beta Alpha aims to shed light on these areas by sourcing original content and promoting truth for its own sake, offering invaluable perspectives for helping our listeners to see around the corners of tomorrow.

Jack Hobbs , President of reVolver Podcasts, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership: “We are thrilled to welcome Non-Beta Alpha to our network. Ryan Morfin’s dedication to unveiling the unvarnished truth aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver content that is both enlightening and impactful. Our listeners will greatly benefit from the in-depth analysis and unfiltered insights that Ryan brings to the table.”

About Ryan Morfin :

Ryan Adrian Morfin , the host of Non-Beta Alpha , is the CEO of Lowndes Square (LSQ), an asset management firm investing in non-correlated asset classes such as commercial real estate, private equity, and venture capital. His extensive career includes significant executive roles in U.S. and international portfolio companies, leading to substantial growth and high valuations. As the founder and former CEO of Wentworth Management Services, Ryan built and sold one of the largest independent U.S. wealth management platforms which managed hundreds of billions of dollars in AUA and AUM. Ryan is also a founder of IronGate Capital Advisors, a leading defense technology investor making early-stage investments across multiple discretionary funds.

Ryan’s podcast, Non-Beta Alpha , features insightful conversations with thought leaders like Jocko Willink , Dr. Oz, General Flynn, Lanny Davis and General McChrystal, offering listeners access to high-level discussions on economics, capital markets, and more.

Non-Beta Alpha  is more than just a podcast; it’s a platform for truth and innovation. Whether discussing macroeconomic indicators, defense technology investments or national security policies, Ryan’s diverse expertise ensures a comprehensive and engaging listening experience. Non-Beta-Alpha is produced in partnership with Voz Media, also based out of Dallas, TX.

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