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Taliban using US weaponry in Panjshir Valley

The Taliban is using advanced weaponry left behind by American troops to crush the last pockets of resistance to its takeover of Afghanistan, Daily Mail reported.

Fighters led by the country’s former vice-president were last night mounting a final defence against the new regime’s forces in Panjshir Valley, the only province that the Islamist group has not captured.

But the rebels appeared outgunned by Taliban fighters using US armoured vehicles, mortar missiles and high-powered artillery.

Videos showed Taliban gunmen brandishing US military M4 and M16 rifles and wearing night-vision goggles, the report said.

A convoy of Taliban troops travelling in US armoured vehicles was last night filmed driving towards the area where resistance fighters were holding their ground 70 miles north of Kabul. There were also reports that Taliban forces had entered Panjshir capital Bazarak.

The NRF claimed to have killed 600 Taliban fighters in the last 24 hours, but the Taliban claimed it was on the brink of victory with reports suggesting four out of five districts in the province had fallen under Taliban control.

The Taliban is expected to announce in days that its leader Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada will be Supreme Leader of Afghanistan.