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Trump offers to mediate on Kashmir

Washington: US President Donald Trump on Monday offered to help mediate in the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan, saying Prime Minister Narendra Modi had broached the subject with him during their meeting in Osaka, Japan, last month.

“I was with Prime Minister Modi two weeks ago, and talking of the subject, and he said ‘would you like to be a mediator?’, and I asked where, and he said Kashmir’. I said if I could mediate, I will help.. I would love to help on Kashmir,” adding it is a “terrible situation in Kashmir.. bombs going off all the time”.

Trump made the comment during a press conference with visiting Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, when he was asked a question about resolving the Kashmir issue.

Before Trump answered, Imran Khan said: “I will be asking President Trump (about Kashmir), the US can play the most important role in bringing peace in the subcontinent, which is held hostage to the issue of Kashmir. The most powerful state, the US, can solve the problem,” he said, adding that he had made overtures for dialogue with India” but to no avail.

Trump added later, “Maybe I will speak to him (Modi), or maybe you can speak with him.”