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US yet to take a decision on recognizing Afghan govt

US special representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West has said that the Biden Administration has “not made any decision” to recognise the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA).

West has said that the US wanted to see a representative government established in Afghanistan, Khaama news agency reported, citing an interview by TOLO news. The pledges that Afghanistan made to the international community must be held, West asserted during the interview.

The US envoy expressed concern about Afghan women, in particular the women activists being detained, and called for an immediate end of the detention, the Afghanistan based news agency reported.

“The US is worried about a possible increase in Daesh and Al-Qaida activities in Afghanistan. ISIS is a common enemy of Kabul and Washington,” West was quoted as saying.

West was concerned about the nature of the Taliban’s campaign against the ISIS.

It comes as the IEA has repeatedly acknowledged that it has intensified operations against the ISIS in Afghanistan and that the terror group is not a threat in Afghanistan.

The IEA has not been recognised by any country, however the Taliban’s interim government’s acting FM Amir Khan Motaqi has said that they are closer ever to legitimisation as counties are busy interacting with them, the news agency reported.