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Chicago mayor slams Trump’s immigration policy

The mayor of Chicago, the third biggest city in the US, has criticised President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration policy as “cruel, unnecessary and unlawful”.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel welcomed the decision by a federal judge in California on Monday, which denies the Trump administration’s efforts to amend related regulations in order to engage in long-term detention of migrant children.

“President Trump’s family detention policy is cruel, unnecessary and unlawful,” said the mayor in a statement on Tuesday, Xinhua news agency reported.

“This ruling is a step back for President Trump’s reactionary policies, and a step forward for decency and justice.”

Meanwhile, a federal judge in Chicago ordered on Monday two Brazilian boys reunited with their fathers within 72 hours following more than six weeks of separation.

The US media quoted the judge as saying that the ongoing harm to two Brazilian boys held in Chicago is “obvious and intense”.

The judge added that Justice Department lawyers have failed to explain “what objective it is trying to accomplish by keeping the boys separated from their fathers.”

The Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy against undocumented immigrants, especially the way to detain parents and place children in government-contracted shelters separately, has led to increasing furore among the society.