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Fauci disagrees with Trump’s latest pandemic remark

Anthony Fauci, the US’ top infectious disease expert, said he disagreed with President Donald Trump’s latest remark on the Covid-19 pandemic, where the latter claimed that the country has rounded “the final turn” on the health crisis, it was reported.

The White House coronavirus task force advisor’s remarks on Friday were in response to Trump’s claims made the previous day that the US was “rounding the final turn. And we’re going to have vaccines very soon, maybe much sooner than you think”, The Hill news website reported.

Speaking on MSNBC, Fauci said he disagreed with the President’s assessment, noting that if Americans aren’t careful, the pandemic could worsen.

“I have to disagree with that, because if you look at the statistics, they are disturbing. We’re plateauing at around 40,000 cases a day. And the deaths are around a thousand,” Fauci told the news network.

“When you have a baseline of infections that are 40,000 a day and you have threats of increased test positivity in certain regions.

“What we don’t want to see is going into the fall season, you don’t want to start off already with a baseline that’s so high,” he added.

Fauci also admitted that there have been “disagreements” between him and the White House, adding that there would be “some disagreements in what we say and what comes out from the White House”.

The US continues to be the worst-hit country in the world by the coronavirus pandemic.

As of Saturday, the number of cases increased to 6,443,048, while the death toll stood at 192,968 , according to the Johns Hopkins University.