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Harris SM handlers play slow coach on PM Modi meeting

By Nikhila Natarajan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s social media megaphone was 15-18 hours ahead of those doing the job for US Vice President Kamala Harris. The volumes of posts and engagement with netizens told the same story.

Similar generosity (and courtesy) were evident in 4 grams on the Narendra Modi insta. All social posts from Team Modi tagged relevant verified Harris handles.

On their part, Team Harris emerged muted. Their inertia ended on the @VP Facebook only 16 hours behind Modi’s. The first tweet came the morning after, nearly 20 hours later.

Call it Indian warmth (even overkill) versus unmistakable standoffishness. What it can’t be is a smaller handle seeking amplification from a jock.

The @NarendraModi has a massive 71.4 million Twitter follows. @PMOIndia has 44.1 million. Here @KamalaHarris and @VP trail at 18.8 million and 11.2 million respectively.

A massive 46 million are fans of the NaMo Facebook page. 13 million are fans of PMO India. A sobering 3.8 million follow Kamala Harris and 4.3 million her official VP page.

On Instagram too, 60.3 million follow @NarendraModi. A modest 16.4 million and 17.7 million are on the Harris and @vp insta, respectively.