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KFC plans tech-driven innovations in food order, delivery

By Puja Gupta

New Delhi, Feb 25 – Actor Anil Kapoor took to Instagram to post an ad film in which he is seen snacking on KFC’s new range of burgers. KFC has roped in the Bollywood star, along with Prakash Raj, to launch its new Value Burgers’ campaign.

Moksh Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC India, shared the details of the campaign and the brand’s future plans in an interview with life. Edited excerpts:

Q.Why did KFC decide to make these changes in the menu?

Chopra: KFC is known for its legendary burgers. From making a trip to the edge of space to gracing the corridors of the famed Madame Tussauds Museum – our burgers have done it all. When we realized that our consumers often fall prey to believing that a tikki in between a bun is a ‘burger’, we decided to step up and resolve this for good. The new range of Value Burgers by KFC is all things burger – a variety to choose from: Classic Chicken, Classic Veg, Spicy Chicken and Spicy Veg – all offered at a value proposition starting at Rs. 69 and extending up to Rs. 89. Available in veg and chicken variants, these Value Burgers are sure to tantalize your taste buds with their tangy, creamy and spicy flavours. So, whatever be the occasion or the size of your friends’ group – there is a Value Burger for all.

Q.What kind of research did you do?

Chopra: While understanding what kind of burgers our consumers are seeking, we realized that there is an opportunity to provide good quality, signature burgers below the Rs 100 price point – what’s available in the market currently doesn’t quite make the cut. This led us to designing the range of Value Burgers using KFC’s expertise on providing craveable tastes that are good value for money. We wanted to make sure we appeal to all preferences and hence the range comprises both vegetarian and chicken burger offerings. With two variants each in veg and chicken, we are also ensuring our consumers are treated to some variety in addition to taste and flavour. The Classic variants are laden with a crispy fillet of KFC’s signature chicken or veg patty, layered with fresh lettuce and tangy dynamite or creamy mayo. And the Spicy burgers, both in chicken and veg variants, are packed with a flavourful srirarcha sauce. The starting price point of just Rs 69 goes on to seal the deal – our consumers would never need to settle for cheap imitations ever.

Q.Why did you choose Anil Kapoor to feature in the ad?

Chopra: Anil Kapoor is simply legendary. His expansive careers spanning decades, acting prowess and some of the iconic characters he has portrayed – are all epic! Much like the burgers at KFC – with our signature crispy chicken, fresh ingredients, an array of flavourful sauces. Just as Anil Kapoor is liked by their numerous fans, making him the hero that his audiences relate to, our range of Value Burgers will surely be a hit with our consumers, everyone vying to get a bite of the most popular burgers in town.

Q.What’s next for the brand?

Chopra: We are always seeking innovative and exciting ways of engaging with our consumers. Keeping with changing trends and consumer preferences, we will continue to deliver craveable products, through clutter-breaking and distinct campaigns across digital and social platforms. We will increase our focus on enabling access for our consumers, getting them closer to their KFC favourites; so do look forward to tech-driven innovations, both in the food order and delivery channels, as well as within our restaurants.