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Over 1100 killed in road accidents in Sri Lanka this year

Colombo, July 11 (VOICE) There were 1103 road accidents that caused 1154 fatalities in Sri Lanka during the first six months of 2024, State Minister of Transport Lasantha Alagiyawanna told journalists on Thursday at a press conference held at the Presidential Media Centre.

Alagiyawanna said the National Council for Road Safety has allocated 50 million rupees (about 165,000 US dollars) to Sri Lanka Police to purchase speed control equipment.

The transport ministry will also issue a gazette with new road speed limits within the next two weeks, he said, reports Xinhua news agency.

Road Safety Clubs will be established at the school level to inculcate the importance of obeying road rules, the state minister said.

Accidents involving motor vehicles are common in Sri Lanka. There were 2,557 deaths in 2,200 fatal traffic accidents in Sri Lanka in 2023.