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US-based Sikh family offers homemade masks

Washington:  Amid the fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic in the US, a Sikh family based in the state of Indiana have made masks in an effort to help the public and first responders in the fight against the deadly disease, a media report said.

After learning about the shortage of masks across the US via media reports, Gurinder Singh Khalsa called up his doctor friends and asked if he could contribute by making masks at home and packaged in sanitary conditions, said the American Bazaar report on Monday.

Once he got the green signal, Khalsa, his wife Gagandeep Kaur and rest of his family got busy making more than 500 emergency masks packed with double layers of thick cotton fabric.

“Based on online research and advice from public health practitioners, we have started stitching these general-purpose emergency masks,” the American Bazaar quoted Khalsa as saying in the report

He wants to give these masks first to the city officials, first responders, police and first departments who are doing a great job in the service of the city residents, according to the report.

Khalsa believes that his emergency mask program would allow persons who cannot access the N-95 and medical masks to obtain reusable and washable masks for community use, it added.

He emphasized that these masks produced and packed in a safe environment were essentially intended for those who must leave their homes with some protection.

In an advisory, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said fabric masks can be used by healthcare workers when nothing else was available.

The family also intends to extend the benefit of their initiative to those who may be experiencing financial pinch during these times, said the American Bazaar report.

“We also hope to offer employment to those who are in need of employment,” he said by taking in at least 100 people in a month for making emergency masks.

“We will be providing a chance of working at home or work at our safe location.”

According to the latest update by the Washington-based John Hopkins University, the US has so far reported 46,450 coronavirus cases, with 590 deaths.