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When Zuckerberg left baffled at comparison with Trump

Washington, Oct 24 – A perplexed Mark Zuckerberg was left looking for answers when US lawmakers compared him with US President Donald Trump during a Congressional hearing, saying both are “very successful businessmen, capitalists and billionaires”.

Republican Barry Loudermilk from Georgia was the first to compare Zuckerberg to Trump during a congressional hearing with the Facebook CEO on Wednesday, saying both are “very successful businessmen, both are capitalists and both are billionaires”, and what he thinks the two most share in common “is you both challenge the status quo. He calls it draining the swamp, you see it as innovation”.

Zuckerberg looked clueless what to answer.

Later, Democrat Juan Vargas from California, told the Facebook CEO he is “almost tempted” to ask if he took the comparison as a compliment, “since you can’t lie to Congress”.

Vargas immediately told Zuckerberg: “Don’t answer that. Not even with a smile”, leaving Zuckerberg baffled and speechless once again, reports Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Zuckerberg did offer some details about his meeting with President Trump in September, saying antitrust probe did not come up during the talks at the Oval Office.

“I don’t think so, but the meeting was private, overall. Those subjects didn’t come up, but in general I don’t feel like it’s appropriate for me to comment in too much detail on private conversations,” he told the House hearing.

Zuckerberg met President Trump in the Oval Office. “Nice meeting with Mark Zuckerberg of @Facebook in the Oval Office today,” tweeted Trump.

Facebook CEO testified before House and Senate committees in April last year over Cambridge Analytica data scandal affecting 87 million users globally.